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Welcome to Ann Marie Whitton's gallery. Here you will find a small representation of Ann Marie's paintings - all for sale.
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Welcome to Ann Marie Whitton's gallery

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Ann Marie Whitton

Artist's statement

Since childhood I have always drawn and painted, it gave me great pleasure, it calmed me down, I lost myself in the activity, sometimes it was a struggle and often exciting, but for many years I didn’t paint. It wasn’t until the birth of my children did I rediscover my creativity and sense of play.

Now I am on a new journey with my art. I love it. Expressing myself in images rather than words is important. I usually paint or draw in a spontaneous manner, completing a canvas in one session. In my images I use bold colour combinations and organic abstract forms to convey my inner feelings or emotions that are evoked by a particular time and place. The land, the sea, the sky and people are my main stimulus for my art making.

My favourite materials are acrylics, watercolours, ink, collage materials, such as tissue, papers, photographs etc. I usually work on watercolour paper or canvas. I love rich textural effects and I enjoy playing with a variety of tools other than brushes.
Recently my art has been expressed in other forms, such as installations, photography, sculptures and video. For the last two years I have been creating a set of Memory Boxes, which will be exhibited at this years Open Studio event.

In 1995 I opened Dragon Art Studio, based at my home. There I have organised and taught children and adults to draw and paint. I presently tutor for Oaklands College and have been involved in art residencies in local schools.
I am an active member of the Herts Visual Art Forum and for many years opened my studio to the public. I have exhibited locally and organised a one woman show in 2002 at Marshalswick Community Center.
As a multi-media artist you are able to see a variety of my work on the following web sites:
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