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I have always had an interest in art and a good painting always leaves me wanting to reproduce its techniques and finish. I try to work out how it was done, and what works well about it.


I studied art at GCSE and A-level and have had some pieces exhibited in Sheffield and Derby art exhibitions. After this I went to University and took a different direction in the form of a career in Industry as a commercial manager, but art has always been in my thoughts. I have now decided to devote my time to my paintings and pursue my first love. I love oils and acrylics because of their opaque nature and the dramatic paintings that they can produce. I now tend to specialise in equestrian, domestic animal, dance (Latin, ballroom and ballet) and a few floral / still life subjects. I love painting the texture of fur and how it changes from the glossy look of a horses’ coat to fluffy fur on a cat and have now started doing commissioned work in these areas. The drama and romance of dance continues to capture my imagination also, with the expressive holds and beautiful aesthetics.


I am inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci for his thought processes and enquiring mind as much as his art, Degas' ballet work appeals to my romantic side, and some of Salvador Dali's work such as the 'Persistence of Memory' and the 'Metamorphosis of Narcissus' I like because they are much deeper than just a painting, the drama of Millais' 'Ophelia' is fantastic, and Magritte's 'Window' is very clever. Also contemporary works by wildlife artist Pollyanna Pickering inspire me because she has become a very popular artist setting herself up from an unknown.

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