Island of Art - Marcus Carter

Welcome to Marcus Carter's gallery. Here you will find a small representation of Marcus's watercolour paintings - all for sale (original and/or Limited Edition Print).
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Island of Art - Marcus Carter

Welcome to Marcus Carter's gallery!

Born in Hertfordshire, England, Marcus has had a strong interest in art and design from an early age.

After studying at the Watford School of Art & Design he pursued a career in graphic design and illustration at various London-based design agencies whilst painting purely for pleasure in his leisure time.

An early and sustained interest in the beauty of water and landscapes has always been a powerful inspiration to him and a developing fascination with buildings and their immediate surroundings have influenced his work of late.

Marcus works mainly in watercolour, gouache and acrylics on a variety of media and accepts commissions on any subject matter, varying in size from miniature to murals.
Enjoy the gallery!

You can contact Marcus by email at the following address:

Northumbrian St...

Not for sale

Hordle Cliff fi...

Not for sale

Welsh pool

Not for sale


Original framed paintings and Limited Edition Prints