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A collection of Digital Paintings/Art Using Corel Painter Sketch Pad and Adobe Photoshop (Acrylic Glass Canvas Prints)

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Abstract Digital Painting/Art - Paul Lane

Abstract Digital Painting/Art - Paul Lane

Born January 1976, Paul Lane has been making digital art since 1996. One of the first artists to take to the medium he has worked with the award winning Animator and Director Corin Hardy who's animations have become synonymous to the band Keane. Paul Lane also creates community based art and for the last five years working in various mediums including digital art and photography. His work has been exhibited across the south of the UK, Including Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham.

Client list includes Mohamed Al Fayed the owner of Harrods.

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Lagoon Nebula

Not for sale

Wreath Nebula

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Chemical Reaction

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