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A collection of Digital Art by Ronya Shvachka.
Digital Art – Ronya Shvachka
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Ronya Shvachka

Ronya Shvachka was born in Ukraine. After graduating from university she worked in Chemistry.


She's been living in Israel since 1991. In 2000, after several efforts to change her profession she started working with computer graphics and has produced around 130 artworks using Photoshop, that have been exhibited in Israel and in the online Art Now exhibition.


This tool provided a channel for her creative output that was based on simultaneous changes of perspective towards a more wholistic vision. It is only natural for such a vision to employ collage techniques and multi-layered representations of images. They combine different elements from nature and spirit, piercing through the thickness of obligatory illusionist shows of daily survival.


Images of the eye are common in her collages and look in both directions: from the sphere of endless (and often fruitless) human endeavours onto the transcendental unity of NoWHere, and vice-versa.


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Not for sale