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Welcome to Sandie Thoroughgood's gallery. You will find here a small representation of Sandie's mixed media paintings - all for sale.
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Sandie Thoroughgood

Welcome to Sandie Thoroughgood gallery!

Sandie Thoroughgood studied art at ‘Oaklands College’ St Albans and the University of Hertfordshire. She is a versatile artist and is fascinated with the make up of people. In the past she has worked on the human sensitivities using cosmology, creation and memories. Now she is embarking on the responses to moods, feelings and emotions.
" I am trying to appeal to an audience who seek colour co-ordination in their décor. My works of art are decorative, and come in a variety of styles. They can also be seen as very deep or as a puzzle.
The letters of the alphabet have been changed into a code of colours. Each canvas bears an emotional word in the form of squiggles, on a background that links to its response.
When I feel melancholy, I spend a great deal of time looking up at the sky, or maybe down into water. I try to express these responses in my pictures. There are many ways that we respond to our moods, emotions and feelings. I aim to explore a large spectrum of them in my art”.

Sandie is available for commission work. Please click here for more information.

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Sandie Thoroughgood's Exhibitions

Blue sky 1(framed)

Not for sale