Welcome to Island of Art

Welcome to our Island Of Art

Here you will find a selection of works listed by private individuals and collectors from well known to local artists. The Island Of Art website only lists fine impressive  paintings of the highest quality 

Whether you just appreciate the finer things in life or wish your environment to impress, we may have just the painting you have been looking for


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 Our Island of Art community website has been launched to provide a platform for private individuals and collectors to offer their works of art for sale whilst still retaining the paintings to enjoy until they are sold

To see a different set of images on the carousel click on the Home link, if you see a particular work of art in which you are interested, you can make an offer which will be put to the owners for consideration

Anyone wishing to see a work of art may request information and/or provenance, we will then forward your request to the seller. We always recommend that any prospective buyer views the work of art prior to purchase or parting with any funds as the Island of Art staff may not have viewed the works listed and cannot be responsible for their authenticity. It is important that you do not divulge any personal information without talking to us first.

The first rule of buying art is, if you're not completely happy - walk away

Membership to our Island is free but bear in mind we are very selective. If you wish to join our Island of Art community and how to complete a listing of your art on the Island of Art website together with the suggested price you would like to receive please Click here to register your interest by doing so you confirm acceptance of the terms and conditions on joining our Island community

Once you have listed a work of art for sale you can negotiate with any perspective buyer directly. Island of Art is purely a platform, we do not get involved in any financial transactions or offer any guarantees