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Registration information: you will need to read this before you register

The conditions set out below explain what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you, when you join the Island of Art Community.

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Registration Information

The registration process

In order to sell artworks on the website artists must do the following:

  1. Read the acceptance criteria and registration terms below
  2. Fill in the registration form and send sample images for review
  3. If your application is successful you will receive a username and password and instructions to create your presence on the website
  4. You need to upload images and details about your artworks onto the website
  5. We'll quality check your images and details and get back to you if necessary
  6. You can maintain your images as and when you need!
  7. That's it!

Please note:

  • At the time of registration, if you prefer Island of Art to upload your details on your behalf, a one-off administration charge of £40 applies, payable in advance.
  • Island of Art can also maintain your presence on the site on your behalf. The charge for this work will be quoted in advance and will depend upon the amount of work required.

Registration terms

Acceptance criteria

The works of art must be genuinely those of the submitting artist and must not infringe any copyrights.

We reserve the right to decide which works of art will be appropriate to our island. Therefore we will reserve the the right to refuse a registration application, or a particular work of art, on these grounds.

Artists applying for membership must submit at least 3-4 images typical of their work for review.

Island of Art will act as a non-exclusive agent on behalf of the artist to sell his or her artwork via the website.

Website content

Once the registration has been approved, the artist is provided with a username and password enabling the upload of the artist content to the website.

The artist must upload the images and details (title, price dimensions) of their works of art to the website. Please note the website will automatically optimise the images.

The maximum number of images is 40.

Sale of artwork

The artist will be notified when an artwork has been sold. It is then the responsibility of the artist to dispatch the artwork to the buyer. Please note the dispatch fee is based on 5% of the value of the artwork.

It is the artist responsibility to ensure that the artworks for sale on the website are available for dispatch. When an artwork is sold (either via the website or not) the artwork must either be removed from the site or its description changed to indicate it is no longer for sale. Please note artists are liable to pay a refund fee when an artwork has been sold on the website and is no longer available for dispatch.

Membership costs:

There is an annual Membership Fee of £25.

Administration fee:

A 25% administration fee will be payable to Island of Art for any sales made online via the website.

Membership renewal:

Island of Art will review each artist's membership at the end of each year to ensure that the relationship is still beneficial to both parties.