Island of Art - Registration information for artists

Registration information: you will need to read this before you register

The conditions set out below explain what you can expect from us and what we will expect from you, when you join the Island of Art Community.

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Registration Information

The registration process

In order to sell artworks on the website please do the following:

  1. Read the acceptance criteria and registration terms below
  2. Fill in the membership application form and email to us for approval
  3. You will need to send good quality images and details about your artworks
  4. We'll quality check your images and details and get back to you if necessary
  5. Your images will remain your property in accordance with UK Copyright Laws
  6. That's it!

Please note:

  • Registration to join our Island community is free
  • Registrations of limited to private individuals and collectors. Island of Art does not accept registrations from commercial enterprises, galleries or art dealers
  • No fee is charged for works listed but there is a limit to the number of paintings you can list on the website. All works must be original, not reproduction and must be secondary works (paintings that have been previously sold more than once)
  • Island of Art will keep the paintings on the site for a period of 6 months or unless you withdraw them or they are sold or your Island membership expires, whichever is the sooner. You may renew the listing if the work has not sold

Registration terms

Acceptance criteria

The works of art must be genuine original works (not copies or prints of) by the submitted artist and must not infringe any copyright laws. The Island of Art community reserve the the right to refuse a particular work of art without giving reason

Island of Art will act as a non-exclusive agent on behalf of the owner or collector to sell his or her artwork via the website.

Website content

Once registration for membership has been approved, the artwork will be uploaded to the website.

The seller must supply all the relevant information on the images and details (title, price, medium, dimensions, and any provenance etc.) of their works of art to be placed on the website. Please note the website will automatically optimise the images and carry a watermark to help reduce the risk of your images being used by others

Sale of artwork

The seller will be notified when a potential buyer has made an offer or expressed an interest in a particular artwork. It will then be the responsibility of the seller to negotiate with the buyer on a price to be agreed between them, for payment, and to dispatch the artwork to the buyer. The Island community does not negotiate on behalf of either the seller or the buyer as that is a personal transaction

It is the seller's responsibility to ensure that the artworks for sale on the website are available and have not previously been sold. When an artwork is sold (either via the website or otherwise) it is up to the seller to notify Island of Art that the listing is to be removed from the site or its description changed to indicate it is no longer for sale

Membership costs:

Annual Membership is free

Membership renewal:

Island of Art will review all memberships at the end of every year to ensure that the relationship is still beneficial to both parties.

Artist's Resale Rights:

As this website only lists secondary artwork from private individuals and collectors the Artist Resale Rights may not apply. However if any individual is found to be trading commercially, then it will be the responsibility of the individual and not Island of Art to declare the interest to DACS