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Ona Haynes (1976 - 2018)

Ona Haynes was an artist living and working in Worcestershire. Her inspiration came from life and following her fight with cancer she embarked on a different route to express her art.

Ona says: Since my Art is led naturally by whatever themes flow through me it doesn't fit into one specific genre. I'm happy with this, because I would rather represent my authentic self - even if that makes it difficult to categorise my art - than to alter or restrict what I produce for the sake of making it fit into an easily definable genre. My art often tends to be SURREAL, ABSTRACT or ILLUSTRATIVE and it can take on a STEAMPUNK, GOTHIC, POP or VINTAGE style. That said, I have come across a phrase describing an aesthetic that runs through all my work. It's the Japanese phrase; "WABI - SABI"...

We are proud to display this work by Ona as a tribute to a talented artist and friend. This work is not for sale