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Nino Salvadori (1918 - )

Italian Artist Nino Salvadori (He was born in 1918). 

 "He was born at Pegli, near Genos. As a young boy, he revealed to have a great inclination for art, painting in particular, and his family let him attend the school of Art in Genos, where he very soon reached an A reputation.

Being keen on his art, he, while studying and practicing, travelled around to visit main museums and galleries, looking for the mystery of skill in the greatest masters, he worshipped, even feeling himself to their works, and never lost what he learned in watching colours effects, shades, compositions of the Greatest's.

His works, which met with good success the Judgement of critics and public, are to-day requested by many private and important galleries. From his canvasses, we sense warm poetry inspired by the pure feeling and deep visual sensations."